ATI Magazine Floorplate Conversion for Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard Long Action

  • ATI Magazine Floorplate Conversion for Howa 1500 Long Action
£54.95 (Inc. UK VAT)
£45.79 (Ex. UK VAT)
105 Grams
Model fit:
Howa 1500, Weatherby Vanguard


This is the Legacy Sports drop in magazine well and trigger guard for Howa 1500 rifles to allow use of ATI detachable magazines, replacing the factory floorplate.

Manufactured for Legacy Sports by ATI from glass reinforced polymer it is easily fitted in minutes.

Designed for Howa 1500 series long action rifles, including:

  • Howa M-1500
  • Mossberg M-1500
  • S&W 1500
  • Weatherby Vanguard

The long action size magwell fits full length and magnum sized cases, including:

  • .25-06 Rem
  • 6.5x55 SE
  • .270 Win
  • .30-06 Spng
  • 7MM Rem Mag
  • .300 Win Mag
  • .338 Win Mag

Magazines available separately.

Fitment Notes

The recommend torque setting is 50 in-lbs. We would suggest starting at 45 in-lbs and see how you get on.

The floorplate is designed to reuse the action screws from the hinged floorplate.

Please note that some aftermarket stocks (e.g. GRS Berserk) have fixing holes wider than the holes on factory stocks, if you find this is the case we recommend fitting a thin washer to support the floorplate over the gap.


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