Browning T-Bolt 10 round .22LR magazine

  • Browning 10 shot T-bolt .22LR magazine - rotary double helix magazine holding 10 rounds
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40 Grams
.22 LR
Model fit:
Browning T-Bolt


This is Browning's revolutionary 10 shot 'Double Helix' magazine for the .22LR Browning T-Bolt rifle.

Made from tough plastics and with a clear casing it features two rotating 5 shot drums which operate in a figure of 8 with gears. The result is the most compact 10 shot magazine we've seen yet, allowing flush fitting in a slim stock, at least a third smaller than the Ruger 10 shot magazines.

It's easy to load, as you can take off the spring tension with thumb access to the gears and with the T-Bolt's fast push/pull operation makes for a high rate of fire when you need it. The magazines are also sprung loaded into the rifle, popping out into your hand when you press the release button. Good work Browning!

Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the standard ones which come with the rifle, ensuring excellent fit and reliable operation.

You can’t go wrong with having extra magazines, whether it’s for quick loading times at the range or in the field. Or, as a backup in case you lose one or drop one in the mud.

Any ammunition pictured is for display purposes and is not included.

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