BRNO Magazines

BRNO Magazines

We stock the CZ-UB manufactured range of magazines that fit the BRNO 1, BRNO 2, BRNO 3, BRNO 4 and BRNO 5 rifles. The steel magazines themselves have been in production for over 40 years.

The hugely popular CZ 452 was very closely based on the BRNO model 2 and the magazines are interchangable, consequently they have remained in production to this day.

The BRNO designation and markings are from when CZ operated under the state controlled BRNO conglomerate during the cold war, BRNO was originally a state run arms company in it's own right before WW2 but now lives on as a subsiduary brand of CZ producing shotguns and break action rifles.

Most BRNO rifles will also take the new CZ polymer style .22LR magazines without a problem, though we have come across the odd older model which they don't suit. You are welcome to try them and we can always swap them for you.

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