Catch22 v2 AR15 .22 bolt release catch upgrade

  • Catch22 v2 AR15 .22 bolt release catch upgrade
£49.94 (Inc. UK VAT)
£41.62 (Ex. UK VAT)
10 Grams
.22 LR
Model fit:
AR15 .22 LR


The Catch22 v2 bolt release catch is an easy to install addition to existing standard AR15 bolt release catches, allowing manual bolt hold open and automatic bolt hold open on .22LR conversions.

It easily slides over a standard AR-15 bolt catch to operate with a .22LR bolt, fitted or removed in moments without the need for special tools. The Catch 22 v2 was designed specially for shooters who use AR-15 lowers for both .22LR and centrefire magazines. For dedicated .22 builds we recommend the standard Catch22.

When fitted it allows manual bolt hold open on all rifles and enables automatic last round bolt hold open function with:

Also compatible with the Magpul BAD Lever

Compatible with all CMMG and Ciener format conversions including:

  • CMMG
  • Ciener
  • Spikes Tactical
  • Tactical solutions
  • Chiappa / ATI dedicated uppers
  • Bushmaster C22
  • Nordic V3 uppers

Does not work with:

  • CZ V22 uppers
  • Southern Gun uppers
  • Nordic V1 uppers
  • JP enterprise uppers or kits

Lock back works with the following magazines:

  • S&W M&P 15-22 (recommended - lock back fully functional)
  • Kriss Defiance magazines (works - however the Kriss has weak springs so you will need a lightened pocket spring for reliable lock back)

Works but with manual lock back only:

  • Black Dog Sonic X magazines
  • Black Dog Gen 1 & Sig 522 magazines
  • CMMG magazines
  • Versacarry 28 round magazines
  • Lantac & IMI magazines

How it works: the slip on extension brings the bolt hold open latch and magazine contact points forward from the standard .223 point at the rear of the magazine. By extending the latch to the .22 feed point and bolt face it allows normal bolt hold open operation.

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