MDT Mag Extender for AICS Short Action Metal Magazines

£14.94 (Inc. VAT)
£12.45 (Ex. VAT)
58 Grams


The MDT Mag Extender adds extra capacity to common Metal AICS format magazines from MDT and Accurate Mag.

Made from durable glass filled polymer it's a simple 5 minute install.

Handy to make 10 existing magazines into 12s for '2 sighters + 10 to count' target disciplines and practical competitions. A straight swap for Accurate Mag brand magazines, for MDT 10 round magazines (which have are 3/4" shorter than Accurate Mags) a longer spring and follower is needed (available here).

  • +2 on .308 and 6.5 magazines
  • Works with the MDT 12 round magazine to make a 14 round magazine
  • Works with Accurate Mag WSM magazines

Not compatible with magazines with inserts e.g. Accurate Mag .223 magazines or MDT 6mm BR magazines.

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