AR15 .22 Magazines

CMMG Mk4 .22LR - AR15 .22 platform

The popularity of .22 semi-auto AR15 platform and other .22 'tactical style' rifles has really taken off in recent years in the UK, .22 rimfire being the only calibre legal to own in a semi-auto format since 1997. With practical and tactical style 'mini-rifle' and 'light weight sports rifle' disciplines now the fastest growing UK rifle sports, dedicated .22LR tuned AR15 rifles are increasingly common, alongside other .22LR versions of military rifles like the Sig Sauer 522 (which uses AR15 .22 format magazines).

Whether you shoot an AR15 .22LR upper, conversion kit or a dedicated AR15 .22 rifle we are pleased to offer a wide range of magazines to keep them happily fed.

Please note: not all tactical style .22 rifles use the AR15 standard magwell format, the following types have proprietary magazine formats which have their own sections:

Anschutz MSR RX22, Colt M4, Colt M16, H&K 416
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22


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