Black Dog 25 round Coloured Sonic X .22LR magazine (AR15 .22 fit)

  • Black Dog 25 round Coloured Sonic X .22LR magazine
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120 Grams
.22 LR
Model fit:
AR15 .22 LR, Sig Sauer 522, Kriss Defiance
Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green
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UK delivery only


This is the Black Dog 'Sonic X' 25 round magazine for AR15 .22 conversions.

Now in five stand out colours - Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Red. Great to show off or use for range details.

Manufactured from tough polycarbonate sonically welded together, tough mono-block nylon feed lips as standard.

Available with either Black Nylon or Stainless Steel feed lips, both of which have a single mono block shape, so no risk of seam splits or chips. We have yet to have any issues reported for the nylon lips, so material choices is down to personal preference, tough slippy black nylon or shiny and durable cast stainless steel.

Compatible with all AR 15 .22s using the common CMMG/Ciener/Atchinson format mechanism, including:

  • Atchison / Ciener conversions
  • Bushmaster C22
  • CMMG
  • Chiappa
  • DPMS
  • JP rifles
  • Kriss Defiance (works with the Nylon Lip type)
  • Lantac
  • Sig Sauer 522 (the branded 522 mags were an early Black Dog design - we recommend the Nylon Lip model for 522s)
  • Spikes Tactical
  • Tactical Solutions
  • Target Master

Will not fit the following rifles which have different mechanisms and magazines:

  • Bushmaster Carbon 15.22 (old format)
  • CZ v22
  • Colt/DPMS conversion kits (old format)
  • Southern Gun Company v22 (based on the CZ v22 mechanism)
  • Olympic Arms, Bremmer Arms and M261 conversions
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22
  • Walther Tactical .22 series (Colt M4, Colt M16, HK 416, HK G36, Beretta ARX 160)
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