Anschutz MSR RX22 discontinued

Posted by Dom on 15th Aug 2016

The 'Blackhawk' version of the Anschutz MSR RX22

Anschutz have quietly discontinued their MSR RX22 semi-auto rifle line, which includes parts production. The parts lines disappeared from lists late last year and they are now no longer listed on catalogue.

The company's short lived foray into practical style semi-auto was in partnership with GSG & ISSC and made use of a licensed version of the SCAR inspired ISSC Mk 22 which has had 'die Miester Macher' treatment.

Basically they kitted it out with a proper Anschutz all steel barrel, trigger unit, revised format mags and various other buffs to the somewhat temperamental ISSC Mk22 format to make it a nice little runner for launch in 2012. While somewhat ammo fussy they can be really accurate once you find a brand it likes, which has made it popular with UK shooters shooting in LSR comps.

The Precision version of the Anschutz MSR RX22

However, it has seemingly not competed as well as expected against the competitively priced M&P 15-22, Sig 522 and fancier AR15 .22 conversions, which benefit from the myriad of aftermarket bits available for them. While it will often outshoot many of it's competitors in scoped up groupings, the 22 round capacity of the largest mags can be limiting for some practical competitions and for those shooting mods and muzzle brakes they don't come threaded.

We're sad to see them go and there are some bargains to be had as the last rifles get cleared. Magazine wise we have stocked as many mags as we could lay our hands on but these are the last of them. The 10 rounders are already in short supply.

If you own one check out our remaining MSR RX22 magazines.

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