Savage 10 round .17HMR &.22WMR magazines

Posted by Dom on 28th Apr 2014

Savage Arms new 10 round 17HMR magazine for the 93 series

Finally! A 10 round .17HMR (and .22WMR) magazine for Savage Arms fine range of rimfire rifles. We've had quite a few requests for these and Savage have finally come up with some.

Exact same format as the 5 round magazines and available in blued or stainless steel to match your rifle finish, the stainless steel 93 series being pretty much standard here in the UK, which is mainly the lovely thumbhole laminate stocked versions with accu-trigger.

Everybody wants a 10 shot mag in their HMR, they do stick out a bit of course, which isn't everyone's cup of tea as slinging rifle over shoulder can poke you with the magazine. However, this is more than made up for by rapid delivery of rounds down range, we find targets inevitably present themselves just when you need to make a magazine change so always worth having some more capacity, especially if shooting from a static location like a 4x4.

Which just leaves the Germans the odd ones out, now CZ, Sako, Savage and Marlin all offer 8 or 10 round clips. Anschutz and Weihrauch take note.

Available in blued steel or stainless steel with free UK delivery.

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